Purchasing Origami Algo
Gaining Access to our Discord Group and Indicators
Purchasing an Origami Algo membership is a very simple process, and access is granted automatically once you have paid. Purchasing any plan gives you access to both our indicators on TradingView, as well as access to our premium Discord group. To begin, head over to our website https://origamialgo.com/
From here, scroll down until you see our payment plans.
Origami Algo Payment Plans
After you have pressed "Purchase" on any payment plan, you will be asked to login to Discord. This is so that once you have successfully paid, your membership key will be bound to your Discord account, and you will be automatically added to our server and granted access.
After choosing which plan you'd like to purchase and logging in with Discord, you will be brought to the payment page which looks like the image below. Make sure to use code 20OFF for 20% off your first purchase!
Origami Algo Checkout Page
After successfully purchasing Origami Algo, you will be granted member role in the Discord server within 1-2 minutes. If you do not receive the member role, please make a ticket in the #create-ticket section under the Lobby Support Ticket section of the Discord.
Lobby Support Ticket Section of the Discord
Support Ticket Creation Channel
Your final step after receiving Discord access is to put your TradingView username into the dashboard. You should have automatically been brought to the dashboard page pictured below, but if you haven't, head over to https://origamialgo.com/dashboard/ and input your TradingView username.
Origami Algo Dashboard
Thats all! After entering your TradingView username and hitting the save button, you will receive access to both indicators within 5 minutes. If you do not receive access for any reason, please open a ticket in our Discord server as shown above.
Make sure to save or bookmark the link to our dashboard, as it will be necessary in the future if you ever want to change your payment details, change your TradingView username, or cancel your membership entirely.
Now that you are ready to go, please proceed to the next section to learn how to setup Origami Algo and Origami Oscillator!
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